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Endorsement: Norm Larson

I am writing in support of my wife, Barb Larson, for 2nd ward alderman for the City of DeKalb. There are a number of reasons why I feel Barb is more than qualified for this position, but what I believe to be her strongest qualification is her determination. 20 years ago when we moved to DeKalb, Barb was curious about the land behind our house and was interested in purchasing a piece of it. After much research and dead ends over the past two decades and many people telling her to give up because it was a lost cause, she was able to locate the owner and discovered the land was for sale. Despite having the hurdle of purchasing this large piece of land as well as working with 2 sellers, 7 neighbors, 2 government agencies, a lawyer and surveyor, Barb was able to take the lead and ensured that all parties involved were in agreement. And in less than 90 days, the land was surveyed into 10 parcels, each parcel held its closing and the papers were signed. Barb is not afraid of a challenge and she will not stop working for the benefit of her neighbors or her community even if people tell her it can’t be done. So if you want an alderman that will work tirelessly for you and our great community, please vote for Barb Larson on April 6th.

Norm Larson

DeKalb, IL

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