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In 2000, my husband, Norm, and I decided to move off the farm and into town. We looked at several houses in many different communities. After doing our research...

we CHOSE DeKalb.

  • We CHOSE DeKalb because of the educational opportunities it would offer our children, including the numerous AP classes at DeKalb High School. 

  • We CHOSE DeKalb because of it's rich diversity. 

  • We CHOSE DeKalb because of Northern Illinois University. As a Huskie alumnus, I am proud to be part of a community with a wealth of resources and opportunities. 

  • We CHOSE DeKalb because it is a small town with a great quality of life including access to the arts, nonprofit organizations and life long learning. 

  • We CHOSE DeKalb for its parks, pool and programs for families.

  • We CHOSE DeKalb for its people.

  • We CHOSE DeKalb.

And 20 years later...

We still have great schools that are sometimes hidden gems that need to be highlighted so others looking for a new home realize how wonderful they are and what wonderful things they offer to our children and CHOOSE DeKalb School District 428.

We have a downtown that is undergoing a surge of new projects that find the balance between old and new. We need to keep this movement continuing with a welcoming attitude in our government that helps newcomers find a place and feel at home, for their families and their businesses, and CHOOSE DeKalb.

We have a fabulous airport that not only meets our current needs but is an enticement as other businesses look to relocate. This resource needs to be nurtured and maintained so new industries CHOOSE DeKalb.

We have a first class hospital with first class doctors, nurses, specialists and staff that have been there for us during some dark times. We need to continue support for new doctors and practices to come to our community and CHOOSE DeKalb.

We have some wonderful programs that help support DeKalb residents. Hope Haven, Family Service Agency, DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau, and the Kishwaukee YMCA just to name a few. These nonprofit organizations rely on local funding. We need to have more families and businesses CHOOSE DeKalb to provide a larger tax base that will allow us to support these wonderful programs.

We have a state of the art library in a time where access to resources is crucial. By us choosing to support our library, it was one of the factors that had some of the new industries CHOOSE DeKalb. We need to continue our support for our residents, now and in the future.

And speaking of state of the art, let’s talk about Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District, formerly DeKalb Sanitary District. It has won awards nationally for its ability to take our waste water and get it back to levels safe for our wildlife with very little energy or carbon footprint. We need to continue to work hand in hand with them to meet future needs of DeKalb.  We need home builders and business owners to CHOOSE DeKalb.

I want people to say how lucky we are to live in DeKalb; what a great place to raise families; and what a great place to own a business. I want to be part of the team that supports my home town. I want to be part of its future.

I CHOOSE DeKalb and now I am asking DeKalb to CHOOSE me. 

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