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Endorsement: Brad & Linda Pietens

To the Editor:

When we moved to DeKalb it was hardly with the intent of making it our permanent home. But over time the friendliness of the community, the access to educational and cultural events, and the over-all quality of life have worked their magic, and we're in for the long haul. For most of our 40 years in DeKalb we have been residents of the city's 2nd Ward, and have always felt that our interests were well-represented at city council. Now, as our current alderman retires, it's time once again to choose a new representative. And there is no doubt in our minds that our choice is Barb Larson.

Barb is a newcomer to political office, which may be one of her greatest assets. She brings with her no agenda other than to provide leadership that will enhance what is already great about our community, while also helping to guide broader decision making as the city enters the exciting new phase of economic growth and development on the horizon. In addition to her boundless energy, Barb is honest, straightforward, and a good listener. You can count on her to seek out the opinions and concerns of her constituents and to make sure they are persuasively conveyed to the broader city leadership. As her website says, "She CHOSE DeKalb" as the place to make her home. Please join us in returning the favor by choosing Barb Larson to be our voice on the city council.

Linda and Brad Pietens

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