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I want to thank the voters of the 2nd ward for CHOOSING me as their next alderman. I couldn’t have done it without their support as well as the support of all my friends and neighbors who put my signs in their yards, texted me words of encouragement along the way and wrote wonderful letters of endorsement. Specifically I need to thank my daughter Jeanine Holcomb for being my campaign and media manager. She not only showed me the ropes but how to use them and also to her husband Wade as their family time was often spent working on my campaign. I need to send thanks out to my younger daughter Renee who picked up and filled in day to day when there weren’t enough hours in my day. And finally to my husband Norm whose love, encouragement and sign management were phenomenal.


I also want to thank my 2 opponents, J.J. and Wes who gave our ward three good choices. Their commitment made me want to give 110% to the race and ultimately to city council.  I look forward to representing the 2nd ward and to promote growth, diversity and social equity and financial stability to the city of DeKalb.

Thank you.


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